Incredible, timeless songs that will be sung by festival crowds the world over.
— Universal Music Publishing

Sons Of The East are an indie-folk band from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Band mates Dan Wallage, Nic Johnston and Jack Rollins have already seen their music achieve 70 million streams and over 16 million YouTube views as their popularity continues to soar worldwide.

The band’s motley acoustic - electric sound has become a unique and charismatic trademark. Soulful, joyous and irresistible.

With a huge year ahead Sons Of the East have decided to go bigger.

March 1st they release their brand new single Silver Lining. An anthemic riff on hope and resilience, Silver Lining is set to become another timeless classic from Sons Of The East. On April 5th the band release their third studio E.P Burn Right Through.

To coincide with the release of Silver Lining and their new E.P the band kick off a massive tour starting with Australia in March and April before returning to the U.K and Europe in the spring of 2019 for their biggest and best tour yet. With their full five piece band, Sons Of The The East are taking their brilliant live show through 14 countries, playing over 45 venues and European festivals.

“Thank God for Sons Of The East... unshakeable calm and smooth tempos... harmonies woven tighter than DNA strands... dare I call it ‘Australia-cana’?” - Sam Jackson, AU Review

“What we like about this band is their Australian twist and contemporary take on the more traditional Folk music style... But ultimately what really makes this band shine is their stage presence (they are a must see live)” - Vinyl Garden